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As remote area newly open up, Pakbeng is now easily reachable, but stay traditional and authentic.

Pakbeng would be an excellent start to discover the "real" Lao country, living mostly in villages of 500 inhabitants, living from agriculture, hunting, fishing and pricking in the forests and jungles all around. Via local operators, we help you to organize trips around our town; there are side seeking:

  • Elephant watching and/or riding, opposite the Mekong River bank
  • Trekking around Pakbeng
  • 3 ethnic minority traditional village Saysana 20Km from Pakbeng
  • 1,000 years naturals tea forest, around 30km from Pakbeng
  • Ban Khok Kor temple over 400 years in Pakbeng
  • Visit the Kahmtan caves from Pakbeng overland 11 km, by boat Mekong upstream 7 km

We also help for boat trip to Houessay, Luang Prabang, tour around, fishing or kayaking (belonging to the season).