Ancient time

Pak Beng has evidence that it was a centre of production of the Khong Bang (£Éº¤-®˜¤) during ancient times. This auspicious bronze drum-like artifact has been produced locally in miniature and serves as a symbol of Pak Beng to be used as a souvenir. This is an appropriate symbol of Pak Beng which the miniatures are already produced in Ban Don Sa-at (Khamu).

28km from Pak Beng town, through a very steep and unsealed road, climb to an altitude of 1500m. This road is actually a district road connecting to Pha-Oudom District Bokeo and on to Houei Xai. This tea forest site is near Ban Mok -Khe and has some indigenous tea trees (Thea sinensis) within the forest. Beside the road a tea tree with a trunk diameter of about 35cm is easily seen.The forest is on two sides of the road and is said to contain more specimens of tea tree that are larger than that seen on the roadside. It is unknown how old the individual tea trees are, but they are likely to be very old. This has given the name of the forest as “Thousand Year Tea Forest”.