The Thousand Year Tea Forest

Location: 30km from center-town (1h30 drive)
Total time of visit: 4 hours

Assisted with a local English speaking guide, spend a half-day journey to visit the 1000-year tea forest, exploited from centuries by the locals. As reported, some trees might have nearly 2000 years. There, even if the area is not officially protected, the primary forest still remains, with untouched nature and unknown wildlife.

This tea forest site is near Ban Mok-Khe and has some indigenous tea trees (Thea Sinensis) within the forest. Beside the road a tea tree with a trunk diameter of about 35cm is easily seen. The forest is on two sides of the road and is said to contain more specimens of tea tree that are larger than that seen on the roadside. It is unknown how old the individual tea trees are, but they are likely to be very old. This has given the name of the forest as “Thousand Year Tea Forest”.

The tea forest itself is near a place that can be used as a lookout along the road. A village where the tea leaves from natural tea bushes are picked is located 6km along a track that turns off this road. The village is called Ban Phou Xang and is of Khmu ethnicity.