Visit ethnic minorities

Location: All around Pakbeng
Total time of visit: Half-day - Full day

Because Pak Beng was quite a remote area before the communication ways were developed, Pak Beng remains some villages where way of life didn't changed for centuries. Despite the mobile phone and electricity, the rhythm of life, the traditions and cult, handicraft is still the same.

Go for example for a visit to Ban Pak Nyeri,recognized as a cultural village, or to Tham Phachao Khamtan cave with a boatman. You can also pay a visit to Tham Chom Xang Dong (Wild Elephant Cave), continue for a ride to Tad Houay Saneum Waterfall. -Or visit the village of Saysana, with the 3 ethnic minorities, 20Km from center-town of Pak Beng