Elephant watch & ride

Location: in front of the Mekong Riverside Lodge
Total time of visit: 1-8 hours

The Mekong Elephant Camp also offers visitors the chance to experience everyday life with the elephants and their mahouts over a period of several days allowing them to develop a bond with the animals. During the elephant treks, which wind through the surrounding forest over paths connecting various different villages.

Guests will be offered the chance to guide elephants along the paths, to take them down to the river, to bathe them, to feed them and also to help find them in the morning! The trek also initiates guests into basic mahout techniques.

Alternating between walking and riding on the back of the elephant, the trek pass through countryside typical of the Khamu people. The valleys provide panoramic views over several alluvial plains where you can see sweetcorn and tobacco growing along with traditional houses and gardens.

During the evening, camped out near the village, guests can share a meal with the villagers while, in the morning, guests are able to take part in some of the villagers' daily activities, such as basket-making and crop harvesting.